"Taste New Orleans Style Flavors"

What you will need, where to get it, and cost estimate

prepared by: Nicole Kim Phillips

 What You Need and                      Cost Estimate

1. Frigidaire Chestlike freezer 5.0        Walmart -$159.00
2. Hawaiian Shaved Ice Syrup Assortment includes 100 cups and straws, and 3 pouring sprouts          Walmart - $69.99 
3. Vevor Snowcone Machine              Home Deport -$164.99
 up to 440 lbs  
4. 50 Bags of ice-                          Mc Donalds- $50 
5. Organic Syrups-                   Natural Flavors-$21.77
6. Natural Flavors-                  Natural Flavors-$17.33
7. Kraft recyclable 300 pack cups    Amazon-         $29.00        

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