"My Words Have Power"

A Rendezvous and A Skilled Helper

by: Nicole Kim Philips

The toothpaste tube was empty, so I prepared my special clove mixture,using the hot, boiling water,from a pot on the stove, we used to control the humidity,and keep the chill out of the air, on cold days. Swishing the mixture around in my mouth, always worked to provide a natural freshness, but I still dipped my toothbrush in the cup and brushed my teeth and tongue. Anise is the way I liked to finish my oral hygiene, sucking and chewing on a piece of it, is better than chewing gum.  Though I wanted to daydream and savor the romantic thoughts of my time with Bill, I had a bus to catch.  

Sade was sitting at the breakfast bar in the kitchen, when I came out of the bathroom.  "I need you to fill in for me again today; I have a meeting about 50 miles from Dry Tortugas, and I can't reschedule", I said.   Mimic what you  did before and he won't know the difference.  He will come stumbling in with bourbon on his breath, at about seven in the morning.  Put on the City Beat lipstick I left on the vanity, and not my favorite Berry Rich shade, I'm almost out.  Just like before, start telling him all about your day, and the creative ideas you have been working on.  Remember,you must not let him see you, as you are getting...      

Question: What is your worst beauty feeling?

Answer: Your worst beauty feeling does not have to involve pain.  It can be associated with not wearing a makeup must have or running out of your favorite product.  My worst beauty feeling is not wearing lipstick.

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