"My Words Have Power"

Fetch Me a Customized Teapot

by: Nicole Kim Phillips

What I believe about you, may not match with, the high praise you are getting from Thought Leaders, who support alternative lifestyles, filled with the kind of toys, that respectable people, don't just go around playing with.  You are a pitiful excuse of, a dignified creative, who does nothing all day, except polish your nails and twiddle your thumbs, seeking, to get your hands on, my most prized possessions.  Since I have been given no choice, I have to accommodate you.  Therefore, before you will ever be able to move forward, with your grand finale, I want you to be assured, I have some pretty juicy plans of my own, that requires you to travel onward to Paris.  The assignment is, find the most flavorable tea leaves available and a teapot, and bring them back here before dawn.

I'm admonishing you, not to try and rush through the pickings, to get back here too quickly, as I am equipped and very capable of handling the day to day operations, until you can return to your normal administrative duties.  Also, be careful of the very wet tunnel you must pass through, at the mouth of the river, before arriving to the village to trade with the Artisans that make the cutest little Hand Painted, Teapots. Now, I'm sure this sounds a bit disruptive with all of the current festivities in the work queue.  However, I will remember your kindness and supportive efforts and will repay you at an appropriate time.  Believe me, I dread sending you, but I so desperately have to have a quality teapot, for an upcoming luncheon.  While you are away, I will tidy the mess you made, and the sloppy...    

There’s a Right (And Wrong) Way to Stir Your Tea                            Patty Lee, Food Network

Once you’ve added milk, lemon or sugar to your cup, you may be tempted to give it a big stir, but proper afternoon tea protocol requires a softer touch. “A lot of people stir their tea round and round the cup in a swirling motion, but you shouldn’t do it this way for two reasons,” says Boyd. “One, it can be noisy. The second reason is that teacups are quite light at the top, which means the tea can spill over into the saucer. Traditionally, you use your teaspoon and move it gently backwards and forwards if you’re dissolving some sugar.”

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