"My Words Have Power"

Spiritual Power of the Gateway Arch:

by: Nicole Kim Phillips

There was a belief circulating among the Travel Community that was spreading far and wide, concerning the area where the Gateway Arch is situated.  Whether a myth or a rumor, visitors are saying there is Spiritual Luring Power in the general vicinity of its construction, causing visitors to be overcome with a sense of peace, making them want to stay in the state of Missouri forever. When Asherah arrived with her family, she resisted what she called silly talk of travelers.  However, as she was attempting to join her husband and two children outside their cabin at Grand Mountain, something came over her that she really could not explain, as she reached to pick up a glove she dropped in the snow.  She immediately told her husband she felt tired and needed to rest before they set to see the buffaloes at Prairie State Park or did anything else.  Before Asherah got into be, she could not resist looking in the mirror.  While she was starring at her image, she saw an unfamiliar image appear behind her.  Startled, she turned around, looking all around and she called out, "is anyone there".  No one answered.  Are my eye deceiving me she thought.  The urge to rub her eyes caused her to lift both hands to her eyes and using both index fingers, she push back and forth on her eyelids.  In disbelief, she brushed what she thought she saw off, and decided to remove her contact lens before she laid down to rest.  With her mind in a fog, she got into bed and fell fast asleep.  After her husband had a drink, he came into the room to wake her for the activities of the day but she was talking out of her head and appeared to be incoherent.  He decided to call the Doctor.  He found a local Doctor named Taylor who made House Calls.  Examining her, he determined, she was fine but severely dehydrated.  He instructed her to start drinking fluids and handed her a piece of paper with a list entitled:  Tips For Better Well-being.  

Drinking was like medicine nurturing and energizing her body and Asherah felt brand new, especially when she drank the Apple Juice her husband served her.  Feeling all better and thinking of all that had occurred since their arrival, she still was convinced she should prolong her trip.  Asherah loved the water.  She told her husband all she wanted to do was go swimming and did not have the urge to do anything else.  Oddly enough on the Well-being List, there was an entry for Willow Ridge Lodge with the word swimming in parenthesis.  Her husband decided to call and made a reservation for next day check out at noon.  The family got into the car and headed for Willow Ridge Lodge for some indoor swimming.  As they were riding over, Asherah's hear was swirling with this thought and that idea, but she could not choose a legitimate reason to extend their stay.  It was weird enough that she felt this irresistible urge to stay in a place where she had no family and friends, but even confusing that she really wanted to prolong her trip indefinitely.  No logical reasons began to come to her until she was submerged in the water.  While holding her breathe, she prayed a special prayer her Grandmother had taught her and before she came up for air, the light bulb moment she needed, to convince her family to stay, came to her.  She would...

Swim Turban

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