"My Words Have Power"

Erotica and Laughter

by: Nicole Kim Phillips

It did not matter if I  was cuffing Mr. Right, during the Winter Season, or Mr. Right Now for a fun date. I live for Make up Memories.  The loud banging on my door made forgetting about how much making up I would have to do with Shawn, to get out of the She Shed I was in, easier.  My behavior had gotten me into something I was going to need to address but for now,  there was no need to make waves.  When I let Fay in, she started giving me a full rundown on how much she thought job hunting sucked.  Immediately, I suggested writing an Individual Development Plan, using the SMART Method.  In my mind, I knew she would begin to realize how much she had contributed and gave , during her career.  Maybe nothing would change the way she felt about  job-hunting, but her attitude and spirits would be lifted.  As you are writing, determine what information you will share during your interviews with those Hiring Manager's.  Fay thought it was a good idea.  To help make it easier for her to stay on task, I gave her the extra 3 Phase Planner I had sitting on my desk.  Getting started right away is best because if you put it off, you will be less motivated to actually complete it, I said.  

After Fay left, I felt so tired, and I knew I needed to rest.  Before this day ends, I must clear my agenda list, I thought.  I had to take a 30 minute nap or just close my eyes and count stars.   I could barely keep my eyes open, so I gave in and hopped into bed.  He kind of yanked the sheet toward him a bit.  Not giving what he did any attention, I covered as best I could.  Though he was angry, he could not resist me.  He asked in his soft bedroom voice, do you want me?  Yes, right now, I said quickly.  My body was ready to peak and release.  Taking it all into me felt right.  All of a sudden, I felt something cold and wet running down my legs, all the way to my feet.  Opps, my glass was overflowing!  That daydreaming of mine, keeps playing out loving scenes, and pulling me into scenario after scenario, with each new experience feeling even more real than the last.  Now my glass had overflowed, the fantasy was over, and I had a mess to clean up.  One of my dreams is to be able to say those 3 little words, every successful person should never take for granted.  "Clean this up"  I said aloud!  I also thought, soon very soon.  Then, I burst out laughing, before I started cleaning up the slushy spill. The wet/dry mop worked perfectly and the good news was, I still had a full glass of tropical slushy, but I needed a straw.  For some reason, the straws were not in their usual spot.  The top drawer was empty, and I hated looking for things to long. It tantilized me to search and search.  Once I could not find them in the top drawer, I tried to figure out what went wrong.  Then, it came to me, I had moved the straws when I ...

The problem with plastic is...

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