"My Words Have Power"

His Happy Hour

by: Nicole Kim Phillips

The club life he had enjoyed for so many years was weighing on him; waking up in a fog was proof he needed to make some changes, but he resisted the inevitable for a good reason.  It was not the Amaretto or the dancers that kept him coming back every week.  He had a fancy bar right his home that included all the popular liquors and aged wine that he only pulled out for his fancy business meetings, taking place in the large conference room he had on the premises.  Josiah had met his wife at that very club, over 20 years ago, and the memories he held dear were the reason he kept coming back every Wednesday for Happy Hour.  

Besides, his wife did not seem to have time for him.  She was too busy building the advertising empire she seemed to care about more than him or anything else that should matter in her life. He did not know if the fatigue he was feeling was the result of a serious illness or if it was just the result of the bad diet he was trying to correct.  All Josiah really knew was, he was not ready to stop going to Club Fiesta.  Wednesday's Happy Hour is something he looked forward too, and he told his Personal Assistant to tell his wife he was in a meeting, when she called.  He was surprised she had taken time to ring his bell because he was usually the one waiting for her to pick up the phone.  Josiah mumbled under his breathe, why should I deprive myself of an opportunity to remember how it felt to...

Does your desire to give up clubbing have to do with the quality of music the DJ plays?

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