"My Words Have Power"

Determined Mary

by: Nicole Kim Phillips

Lifting up out of bed, Mary rose up, swinging her legs out of bed and onto the floor thinking, Don't bring your drama this way Mr. Salesman!  I'm not interested in whatever the hell you are selling!  Every week like a nagging itch on the back, you show up pitching with your school of hard knock tactics.  Door to door salesman antics were not played out for you. The internet and Social Media only seemed to make you better at closing sales. No matter how many times I said no, I knew you were going to come back, on my respectable block, attempting to get me locked in, like my neighbors.  Well you want to know something, Mr. Salesman, I will tell you, like I told you last week, and last time, I'm really not interested!  Those compliments you throw around, trying to convince me will fail again and again.  Today, I'm laughing on the inside and I feel a joy like never before because I know I'm on another level and I think you should be concerned. Not with my resistance or what things will be like without me.  You should be on the lookout for those lightening bolts that may come down any day now to strike you.  The news forecast reported a storm, but I'm sure you will still come looking handsome and holding that darn umbrella like a gentleman.  

Though I admire your persistence, I will still say no!  My life is not perfect, but comfortable and certainly manageable.  There is no reason for me to give that up for something without a guarantee I could be satisfied with, especially since I am aware that you are planning to bring along many of your helpers to assist you.  In a dream, I was warned to be on the look out! However, your persistence has impressed me, and made me wonder how far you will go to get my business.  For this reason, I'm making today a little more special for you. Come on a knocking Mr. Salesman!  Instead of slamming the door in your face, I have dressed up in your favorite color,  I'm wearing heels, sheer, barely there pantyhose,  and that perfume you like. I pulled out my Great Grandmother's China, and set the table, but there is no food.  I'm wondering if...  

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