"My Words Have Power"

Meeting Room Welcome

by: Nicole Kim Phillips

Walking into that meeting room in Colorado did not bother me one bit!  I wanted this bad and I was ready to finally use my voice.  It was my first opportunity to speak before a large crowd, looking forward to what I had to say.  Before I started to speak, I took a deep breathe and said, welcome.  I continued with: there is nothing that can hold me back or you.  Though the forces are strong in their unity, there is something working for me and you to bring to past more than we could ever think or imagine.  I find it refreshing that you all have decided to come to this retreat, and cease the opportunity to embrace positive thinking and a chance to leave with a more creative spirit, open to productivity.  If you are wondering what has helped me so far, its understanding and being able to articulate what I have to offer, and also being able to bounce back.  

When I tell people, a song I wrote inspired the SCC Wellness Concept, I am sure it is surprising, but true.  The 3 Phrase Concept will move you from planning to get things done, to taking action, and it will remind you to celebrate your successful accomplishments.  Celebrating (you) should not be confined to the work of the day or measured in quantity.  Nothing is to big or to small.  Professional accomplishments, Educational accomplishments, personal self improvement, ideas or whatever makes you proud.  Write it down in the Celebration Phase and reflect on it often!  My desire to use words creatively to share information, and to express ideas and emotions, is the reason...

I am an Author of a Children's Book entitled: "Visiting Granny In Mississippi" (Read my Book Summary)