"My Words Have Power"

Anger In Translation

by: Nicole Kim Phillips

If I was ever lost in non connection mode it was today.  My Professor shared a lot of beautiful language, but it was not connecting in a way to offer me much meaning.  My guess is, I should have purchased his book beforehand using my book voucher, and read it prior to the event.  Now the cost has to come out of pocket.  I am really ready to receive everything this Professor is putting down.  What I don't want to be is lost in translation.  As he read from his Book of Poetry entitled: Dear Mothership, I felt like he was all over the place and going no where.   The absence of rhyme and meter was not the issue either.  Figuring out the volume was an issue, and I could not hear where his voice dropped or rose while he was reading.  I try to hear the natural rhythm in language, and missing that was disappointing.  The experience did make me want to weave together a work  in progress more carefully, as I moved forward, to ensure readers would be able to recognize value and also have a few takeaways.  Shawn listened and nodded a few times in agreement before saying, "with words, rhythm is everything".

The conversation was food for thought.  Before I knew it, I was asking Shawn out for coffee.  I did not want to appear too aggressive or too desperate, since I had already heard a few other women, talking about noticing something unique about Shawn.   Therefore, I would rather roll the dice and get a no, than to sit back like my coworkers, waiting for him to pick and choose.  I told myself, this is just coffee and harmless conversation.  Before he responded with an answer, I thought about how the words had rolled off my tongue, and out of my mouth, so effortlessly.  No butterflies came, as I waited for Shawn to respond.  However, waiting for an answer was like: watching a replay of a wrestling bout in slow motion.  Then, I heard him say, I could use a strong cup of Colombian right now.  "Wait for me in the breakroom, after you clock out for lunch", Shawn suggested.  The smile on my face spoke words I could not bring forth, and our eyes connected.  Naturally, he smiled back, dipping into his office.  Making the first move had paid off.  Now, all I had to do was, stay out of the friend zone while working up the courage to invite him to...

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