"My Words Have Power"

Keep it Happy

by: Nicole Kim Phillips

Keep it happy is what I heard Mama say more times than I will ever be able to count, in my lifetime.  Anytime there was a disagreement or some type of friction happening in our household, those 3 words usually made everyone put their attitudes in check.  It was easy for me to make it my own go to statement,  when all (H-E-Double Hockey Sticks) erupted. Dealing with my Son Rodell and my Nephew Nice meant I had to use that statement more than I may have wanted to. Boys will be boys, is an overly used cliche, that gets tossed around by females who are forced to deal with men and boys who misbehave.  It is like a built in pause pass, warranting consideration from any opposing party or viewpoint.  Maybe it was competition with a hint of misbehaving happening for our Skating Rink Family Outing because Nice challenged Rodell to a skate off.  Nice was always better at sports like football and basketball.  However, he had no idea what he was in for on that skating floor.  Rodell came ready to do what he did every week with his classmates.  Skate!  Not with rented, regular skates either.  My Son glided on the Skating Rink Floor effortlessly in his new Roller blades, a birthday gift he requested because most of his friends were already skating around on them.  

After Nice rented his skates, it was on to the Skating Rink Floor.  Rodell carefully proceeded to skate around and Nice tried to follow with a fast start.  As a newbie, he could not control his balance.  With a wobble he went down face first on his tummy.  His confidence and behavior was that of a skilled, speed skater, but his body and the skates did not get the memo. It happened over and over, until we left and went home.  I felt bad for Nice because he was use to being the best at everything.  Now, Rodell had one up on him, and I wished I could go to a shoe box and pull out a trophy for Rodell. He deserved the praise and the 1st place accolades, he had earned. I thought of that statement again, during our ride home.  Keep it happy was my go to because I knew how my Nephew was feeling.  The excuses came and he did not show much sportsmanship.  Practice makes perfect was the lesson, and not winning or losing.  I always try to carve some rest and relaxation out for myself.  I went for a leg massage.  Everything from my calves down got some extra care.  All the tightness and heaviness in my lower extremities was gone for a while.  On the way home, I purchased a salad from Publix,and did not realize there was mushrooms on it.  I only eat mushrooms with jalapeno's, smoke sausage and Philadelphia Cream Cheese.  Picking them off my salad would not be hard, but I was upset.  I thought to myself, keep it...

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