"My Words Have Power"

Dater's Remorse

by: Nicole Kim Phillips

He finally scores a date with the woman he has been low key stalking at the office.  He deserves to enjoy his time with her, and so what if he dances off beat, with no rhythm or coordination, like Steve on Family Matters.  When he is out there on the dance floor, being himself should matter more to him than keeping up with the beat of someone else's drum.  The drum roll sounds.  Nicole never knew what happened to whisk her into the life of her dreams.  All she was sure of was , her decisions had led her to a new city, connecting her to new people, new experiences, and new opportunities.  She was not afraid to explore and live her new beginning.  She did not understand how bad the man behind the mirror wanted her mind, body, and soul.  The wheels that were turning , placed her in a vulnerable position, and he had her right where he wanted her.  Watching her while she was working at her previous job, following her around like a dog in heat, as she shopped.  Peering at her from beneath the brim of his hat, loving to see her living life.  Shawn was aroused by Nicole's demeanor and her voice.  The things she said had motivated him to a point of...

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