"My Words Have Power"

National Puzzle Day

by: Nicole Kim Phillips

Tomorrow is National Puzzle Day!  I want our store to show customers a Puzzle Theme in Design said Retail Manager, Jeanetta.  This is just the kind of thing we need to offer our customers a way to connect with National Puzzle Day and products supporting it.  Before I saw Shawn's hand go up, I had already looked in his direction to observe his body language, trying to read his lips, expecting some type of  conversation  to be happening at his table.  Maybe there was something indicative that would clue me in on what they had planned.  Shawn is witty,full of ideas, and very competitive.  Today, I was not on his team and that was a problem.  Our ideas usually meshed together like red beans and rice.  The good news is, I was teamed up with my bestie Fay.  The only thing is, Fay's big mouth can sometimes do more harm than good.  She had a tendency to rub people the wrong way with her jokes and outspoken attitude.  What comes up comes out with Fay.   People will sometimes dismiss what she says and not take her serious, when jokes were involved.  

Though I did not want to be defined by my work, I was over 50 and my life's work is the premise for my 2nd book.  Therefore, I wanted people to take me serious. My association with Fay could affect how people see me.  That concerned me, but decided not to dwell something I could not change.  In meetings Jeanetta welcomes questions, but her attitude toward Shawn was short.  Word on the job is, she believes Shawn wants her job.  That is likely the reason, she ended the meeting without responding to Shawn and his raised hand.  Fay and I got to talking, we decided on a Famous Painting Puzzle Theme.  Water Lilies by Claude Monet are the puzzles we can use for our display, I suggested. Sounds like a plan, and we can assemble one on a Puzzle Table said Fay.  With the Monet Puzzle on the table, we will get...

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