"My Words Have Power"

The Green Monster

by: Nicole Kim Phillips

The Green Monster in the room was always having to tell a client their medication was not covered on the formulary of a Health Plan, until the Monster showed up again, after I became a Doctor.  The day I had to inform a young Father his child had died was the worse.  I started showing up unannounced at his home.  This was the very first time, I believed my professional obligations were exceeded at his home.   I was crossing a line.  Showing compassion is necessary in the Healthcare Field, and my patients should feel cared for, is what I kept telling myself.  Still, I knew something had to change!  The Green Monster had me behaving in a way that could draw too much attention, and also jeopardize my Professional License to practice.  

When I started my practice in Berry Rich last year, growing my practice throughout the area was the goal.  This year, the growth has put me in a position to do some remodeling.  The people seem to like me, and the feelings are mutual.  However, problems have started to arise within the community, as patients begin to mention how much I come over.  I'm hearing hints of jealousy, when I converse with clients in my office.  Sometimes I have to remind patients of my office hours saying,  I would be glad to make an appointment to discuss any concerns you may have.  Remember, we need to focus on your health.  Usually that statement snaps the patient back into a reality.  I was so pleased to be the one and only  Female General Practitioner in Berry Rich.  My client list was full of men and I had formed bonds with these guys.  At level, I had grown accustomed to bonding with guys.  Except this was getting out of control.  Shawn visited my office 2-3 times a month, requesting ...

Where Can I Get A Copy Of The Formulary?

When your coverage beings, you can go to your health insurance plan’s website and view your formulary there. Insurers have a requirement to make this information available during open enrollment as well, so you can also view a copy during your plan decision process.

The online drug formulary will be the most current version available to you and is updated immediately when changes occur mid-year. Most health insurance websites will either have the drug formulary listed in a way that you can easily find, or will have a search bar where you can type in “drug formulary” or “drug list” to find your formulary. Be sure that you are looking at the formulary that matches your specific plan, not just from the insurance company as they frequently offer many different plans to customers.

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