"My Words Have Power"

Prelude To The Tea Party

The Tea Party was an event I had been looking forward to.  My handmade Tea Pot was so much better than Farberware.  Fragrant aroma of ginger and lemon spread, making the kitchen, hall and dining room, smell of lemon and ginger.  The enticing smell oozing above my head and into my nostrils made me want to start drinking tea, before the guest arrived. Instead of reaching for a tea cup, I resisted the urge to sip the lemon, ginger goodness, floating  above me and all around me like a ghost.  I headed upstairs to get dressed, and to preen a bit.  Looking youthful was important at this stage in my life.  I pulled my hair up into a ponytail and wrapped the little knot sitting on top of my head with a leopard print scarf.  

My skin looked tone and taunt, as I starred at myself in the mirror.  However, I found myself focusing on the fine lines around my mouth.  Then, the positive self talk started to kick in.  You are a woman of a certain age.  This is an expected change that is natural.  Though convincing myself, of the reality I faced, did not make me totally dismiss the idea of trying Juvederm.  I thought long and hard about what it could do for my appearance.  Then, I wondered why I was hesitating at all.  It wasn't like I was going under the knife for plastic surgery or letting someone inject fat deposits into my rear end.  I was trying to get some youth juice injected just beneath the surface of my skin.  The doorbell rang and I was...

People are seeking treatments to smooth smile lines and crow’s feet and plump up their lips, cheeks, and hands

Injecting dermal fillers into the face and hands can improve the appearance of facial lines and volume loss caused by age or certain medical conditions. In studies of dermal fillers approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, people generally report they are satisfied with their treatment results.

However, dermal fillers are not for everyone. Dermal fillers may not be appropriate for people with certain conditions, such as bleeding disorders or some allergies. If your health care provider confirms that dermal fillers are an option for you, know that all medical products have benefits and risks. 

                                                                                                                                         Source: fda.gov

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