The Dreadlock Verdict and A Window View

It was flattering to hear people giving me cheers, when they noticed me entering my office building.  Politics was happening right before my eyes and somehow I am now a big part of a debate that really matters, concerning Hairstyles in the Workplace.  The protesters waving signs had  Reporter's attention.  What that meant for me was, I could slip in almost unnoticed, right by the camera crew and on past the Reporters holding microphones.  Avoiding them was not a must, but stopping would have taken up time which could be better spent working on creating Brand Advert Pages.  Opening new accounts was a priority, and I needed to get as much done as possible daily.  The good news?  Reporting to myself had  perks I appreciated, even if I had to take a pay cut, until my business grew.  There is nothing like reporting and accounting to self, especially when the hours in a day seem to get shorter, when deadlines are necessary.  Still, I was glad someone had noticed my efforts to be a part of larger conversations.  My office building was huge and the waterfront view made it feel even more upscale.  I was so thankful I could rent it, to set up my office, away from my home.  Not only did it give me a professional location to conduct day to day operations, I could actually arrange to meet prospects for free consultations.  A few hundred dollars a month was well worth it for a professional setting.  Before I noticed the local advertisement leading me to make an inquiry call, I would have guessed the monthly fee to rent the space was more expensive.  Sure there was a kitchen, bathroom, podcasting room and general area to share, but $450 a month was a deal.  It was a financial sacrifice worth spending.  Thank goodness I could rent a room in a nice neighborhood with bonus neighbors.  His name is Shawn, and he is the total package.  Seeing him come and go often made my day 100 times better than the day before.  

I used my platform to share The Dreadlock Verdict, an important verdict about hairstyles in the workplace.  It was unbelievable, that an employer was given permission, to require candidates to remove dreadlocks, in order to get a position at a Call Center.  While I sat at my desk reviewing notes for the Brand Advert Pages I created for clients, I began to determine which accounts had maintenance fees still due, and which accounts had emails to follow up on.  As I tried to concentrate, I kept thinking, I am so glad I shared this story on my Website, and within my Social Networks.  It was causing people to get involved in Alabama, and creating awareness throughout the country.  Though, I was suppose to be focusing and working on acquiring new clients while managing the ones I had, I was distracted by the idea of a microphone being put to my mouth.  Would speaking on camera be something that caused me to skrink, or something that made me speak fluently about ...

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