"My Words Have Power

Tea Party Conversations

by: Nicole Kim Phillips 

Seeing everyone socialize was a necessary distraction for Nicole.  Visions of the infamous fall Clarence took were still on replay in her mind.  However, she refused to let her concerns, about his well-being, ruin her Tea Party.  Intuition was rising up to connect with suspicion, telling her, Clarence fell and broke his ankle on purpose.  However, she dismissed the thoughts and her suspicions, allowing her social gathering to get her immediate attention.   You may not be aware of what transpired here today, before organization was restored.  Since I feel like talking, I will fill you in, said Maharajah.  Just below the Apple Tree in my front yard, I laid on my hammock, minding my business.  The sun was higher than usual, but the humidity was not to dry.  Good thing, my Apple Tree was providing all the shade I needed to be comfortable.  I could not help but notice the fancy, looking, black car pulling up.  Not to sure about the make and model because expensive cars never fascinated me.  Daddy would always say, "buying new cars was a waste of money because the value was always depreciating".  Continuing on, a guy gets out, opens the back door,  and pulls out a box trying to steady it.  While he is trying to hold onto the box, he drops his key ring.  He sat the box back in the car, until he had retrieved the shiny, sparkling key chain that looked like a bejeweled bracelet.  I suspected he was driving his wife's car, his curly hairstyle made me believe it could just be his style. 

I watched him go into the house, carrying that box he took from the back seat.  Then, I decided to play fetch with my shitzu for a while. I figured it was a nice day for some dog activity.  What took me out of calm and playful mode was the sound of ambulance sirens.  Yes, the ambulance pulled up right here, and I seen someone with curly hair being carried out on a stretcher by Paramedics.  Not to sure, if a fight ensued, don't know if he is family or just a friend. However, it happened just like I told you. After the ambulance left, I came over and Nicole mentioned her suspicions. She thinks he broke his ankle on purpose. Because her tone was short, I decided not to pry.  I could see quite a few things out of place past where she stood in the doorway. Some things were knocked over on the floor, as she said, "I'll see you later for Tea, I need to get things in order".  I did not let on how much I appreciated the invite.  Not so much for the tea and horderves, but for the inside scoop on what types of people were in her Social Circle. So here I am, like a rat chasing Colby Cheese, on a string.  The Broccoli Crust Pizza Squares are pretty tasty.  Nicole said, the recipe is compliments of the Ketosnackz King Rick Wiggins.  All the talk during the party was centered around speculation about Clarence and his ankle, but Nicole had no idea.  Word was circulating about a Blank Check being ...

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