"My Words Have Power"

Waiting Room Encounter

by: Nicole Kim Phillips

Nurse Lagniappe pointed me in the right direction to not only satisfy my junkfood craving, but to pick up a few magazines and free books, left by Staff Members and Clergy.  In the Waiting Room , I felt like I had deceived my friend Clarence by taping him admitting to falling on purpose.  I  could not resist listening to the recording, so I connected my headphones and listened, before putting any money in the vending machines.  I wanted to be able to remind him of his own imperfections, at the very moment he acted self righteous, judging my behavior.  In the room, Nicole let the words "if I have upset you, I'm sorry" roll off her tongue, in an effort to confirm she cared about more than her husband and what he thought of her reputation.  Get some rest, and call me with progress updates said Nicole, as she left the room. 

Thrist was setting in, and feeling parched, Nicole followed the directory signs, leading to the Waiting Room, where she met Josiah! Interior Design Magazines, an Esquire Article, and a comfortable futon, helped to join Nicole and Josiah's conversation and they exchanged business cards.  The smile on my face was priceless, as I watched Nicole leave the Waiting Room. The perchance meeting with her has uniquely positioned me to gain information and report back to Clarence. Finally, I can pour into these vending machines, get treats and get back to Clarence. Not suspecting I would have any issue, I took change from my pocket and begin inserting it into the tiny quarter sized slot on the machine.  All the vending machines were spitting my change right back to me.  I felt defeated, until I realized, the shopping experience for consumers is changing.  There was a credit card apparatus attached to the vending machine with a tap feature.  The convenience allowed me to have a point of sale experience, and I did not have to be concerned about carrying cash. Swiping my credit card was quick and easy. Finally, I could load up on chocolate, chips, Coconut Brevita Bars, and Mocha Monster Drinks.  The recording is a bonus, I'm sure I will figure out how to make...     

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