"My Words Have Power"

Shawn Comes Home

by: Nicole Kim Phillips

At home, the anticipation builds for Shawn's arrival.  I never know exactly, when he will come walking in.  As always, I prepare dinner for two, knowing the food will not go to waste, even when I am not expecting him. Leftovers are the flavors my soul craves. While the stew beef cooks on a low fire, the noodles and eggs steam warm for our Yakamein Soup Bowls,I take time to go upstairs for a warm bath.  As I'm running my bath water, I hear a door closing downstairs.  My heart starts racing, as I begin to make way downstairs to see the love of my life.  Opps, I turn back because I remember the water is running.  I turn on the hot water and finish filling the tub, making it extra hot! Downstairs, I look at Shawn and say, oh you back from Georgia huh?  I learned the greeting from my Great Aunt who is nolonger with us.  Greeting someone in that manner is indicative of acknowledging a person who has been gone a while, and suddenly pops in or calls like they have never left.  

Well, I'm feeling the love.  Look at your face, said Shawn.  I see a smile building. Try to hide it all you like but it's there.   I'll admit it; I am glad you're home I say while  fighting the spirit of strife.  All I had to do was get past the urge to say, let me smell you, and I knew it would be a good day from there.  Thank God, I was able to hold the words back for two reasons. One, because I refused to let the weight of his absence make me say something I would regret, and two, because I would be inviting him to a bath of extremely hot water.  Let him dip his foot right into that water.  The nerve of him, making me miss him like that.  Yeah, I was wrong, but I could not resist. Look, I ran a warm bath for me, but you go ahead and enjoy it.  I'm sure you want to relax babe.  Shawn eagerly said, how thoughtful, I'll do that.  Mischieviously, I celebrated thinking, my baby is home.  At least, I did not say, let me smell you!   When he came down from his bath, he went into the TV Room without saying a word.  In the kitchen, I checked the beef, added in a bit more water and went upstairs to take a 5 minute shower. For dinner I was wearing a Vera Bradley Night Dress and Cozy Life Slippers. While the stewed beef was shimmering, I went into the TV Room too.  Nicole, the water was hot,and I had to run some cold water to make it comfortable.  Why would...    


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