"My Words Have Power"

Outside Of The Feel Good Bubble Legacy Continues

by: Nicole Kim Phillips

Actions should not always be guided by emotions, unless there is a possibility to be bond by unrealistic expectations, leading only to what feels good.  Outside of the feel good bubble, there are new worlds, unoccupied terrritory, and new experiences awaiting which challenge the status quo, and comfort zones, we all live in.  I do not want to feel horrible and I want the pieces of my life to fit together perfectly like a Eurographics Claude Monet Water Lilies Puzzle , but my life is often unorganized and messy.  Sometimes, I put my boots on, pull my shoelaces tight, leaving home ready to take on the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Then, something or someone, knocks the wind out of me, saying or doing something unbelievable.  Though, I am affected, I still keep going, knowing something will happen to alter my circumstances, even if I have to go home feeling defeated and ready to take my boots off, exhausted, just as fast as I put them on being energized. 

If something bad happens to me on Wednesday, that won't stop me from waking up on Thursday ready to go at it again, expecting things to improve and produce positive outcomes.  The Sip, Chill, Celebrate Wellness Concept was inspired by a song I wrote entitled: "I'm About To Chill".  There are 3 Phases included in this Wellness Concept, encouraging planning, taking action, and celebrating success while hydrating.  I never know what will be my life giving water for the day.  What I do know is, I have to know what I want to happen, I have to be aware of the resources, the people, and the tools, I need to carry out my plans, and I have to find value and celebrate my success, at any and every stage of my life's journey, finding ways to remain optimistic, even when life has a Brutus waiting for me, seeking to take something I have or affect me negatively.  Then, I press on and protect my possessions and my peace, being courageous as Popeye is, after eating his spinach.  When I am not feeling strong like a Military Private with a buzz haircut, I still realize I owe myself something, and I owe the generations coming after me, even more.  For reasons stated and unstated, I can not live in a bubble with unrealistic expectations, seeking only feel good moments.  When things go wrong, and I feel bad, I will still do what I can, to make my life better and more fulfilling, so I can live with greater well-being.  Like me, you ...

I am an Author of a Children's Book entitled: "Visiting Granny In Mississippi" (Read my Book Summary)