"My Words Have Power"

Nicole Wonders How Curtis and Tracy Know Each Other

by: Nicole Kim Phillips

Something besides happiness was ignited in Josiah, at the thought of Clarence's release from the hospital.  While he sat in the lounge chair, bedside, gazing at the TV, Josiah pulled out his wallet to look at the business card Nicole had given him. Chatting it up with her in the waiting room did not seem inappropriate, until business cards were exchanged.  Though Josiah knew he was being deceptive, he decided to call Nicole.  Clarence do you need anything, before I step out to stretch my legs?  "I'm good on everything for now" Clarence responded.  In the hall, Josiah dailed Nicole's phone number feeling excited at the thought of talking to her again.  At the Community Center, Nicole's phone starts to vibrate on the table, as Curtis called O 72.  Looking at the phone, Nicole ignores the call, and marks off O 72 with a blue, bingo marker. All Nicole could think is, call B2 next.  It was the last number in the diagnol line of numbers on Nicole's Card, for the win.  Nicole looked at the empty seat next to her and wondered what was keeping Tracy.  Tracy is hilarious, loves bingo, and has a Mobile Car Detailing Business. 

Nicole missed hearing him say, "remember to mark your G spot" (what Tracy calls the free space on the bingo card).  Tracy did whatever he could to earn money and his detailing services are said to be premium because of the mobile capacity of his business.  His tagline is "bringing detailing to you". Nicole listened as Curtis called the next number.  B2, Curtis called out, in that mysteriously, familiar voice.  Bingo, Nicole yelled; I got Bingo.  Tracy comes walking in, at the games ending point with a white bag in his hand and stops to talk to Curtis.  Nicole looks on wondering how Tracy knows Curtis.  What she did not have to guess about was, the contents of the white bag.  It was 2 glaze donuts.  One for him and one for his favorite... 

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