"My Words Have Power"


Author To Author 

by: Nicole Kim Phillips

Imagination is something that takes me to various places, as I write stories or write in characters who showoff real human emotions and complexities, affecting the relationships they share, allowing readers to come along for the ride.  It's amazing how characters can go from happy go lucky, and living in a beautiful castle, to sad and despondent, abandoned on the side of the road, hitchhiking, walking backwards over rocks, that get stuck in the soles of their shoes.  Writing opens doors no man can shut.  Only to close a chapter, leaving a reader to wish for what is yet to come, or longing for new discoveries, to realize a better ending, promising a happier ever after.  

Imagination is infinite like numbers and as perpetual as lineage with lives repeated and lives never lived, meeting the minds of strangers on a page.  Just as fast as a woman can stare into the sky, to wish on a falling star, she can be distracted by a plague falling from a wall in her office or seated on airplane, buckling her seatbelt, daydreaming about her love interest.  Imagination helps me to make all things possible, to believe more in what is unseen, and less in what I thought to be a reality or my...

I am an Author of a Children's Book entitled: "Visiting Granny In Mississippi" (Read my Book Summary)