"My Words Have Power"


Clarence's Trip To The Library is Stalled

by: Nicole Kim Phillips

Feeling calm with spirits lifted, Clarence met the fresh air outside his Condo, and took a deep breath.  It reminded him of the feeling that came over him, once he was released from the hospital.  Josiah said, do you have everything you need?  My computer bag is the only must have I need with me.  I keep a composition tablet and a few ink pens inside it, along with my planner, so I'm ready to go.  The drie to the lirary was uneventful, until we reached a busy intersection near the business district, where there were quite a few office buildings and lots of foot traffic.  Not only was traffic slowed to a halt but law enforcement officers were directing cars up ahead.  

I have seen enough scenes like this to know, there was probably a car accident with severely injured people  or even fatalities.  Clarence said that without searching his phone.  With the modern technology  cellphone at my fingertips, I decided speculating was not something we had  to do.  Since we were not moving, I decided to do a search on my phone.  I typed, accidents in the business district.  Then, a familiar Reporters face popped up.  Her name was Nancy.  She was the Reporter known as, Nancy With The Voice and her accent always kept her audience locked in.  I pressed play and heard something riveting.  A Call Center... 

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