"My Words Have Power"


Josiah Gets A Surprise

by: Nicole Kim Phillips

Josiah pressed play on the video.  Nancy The Voice, started out saying, "a Call Center Employee was run down on the road and the driver kept going.  The female victim was rushed to the hospital, and all information concerning identity and health status are being withheld, until the family is notified".  Well, at least we are not guessing, wondering what happened.  There are a lot of things to consider with a hit and run.  I'm sure the police will be determined to find the person responsible.  Remember, there are usually cameras at many of these busy intersections Josiah.  

This is unbelievable; I almost don't have words.  To think that someone would be bold enough to keep going.  That alone  makes me think this person is a psychopath, Clarence continued.  Of the things to consider, was the driver under the influence, or driving without a license.  It looks like traffic is starting to move again.  As we passed, I could see what looked like Crime Scene Investigators, taking pictures and putting things in plastic bags. A large area was encircled with yellow and black Crime Scene Tape.  From there we rode listening to the NPR (national public radio) station. We arrived at the library, as I walked using my walker, I felt optimistic about the possibilities ahead.  I was ready to get started.  When we walked up to the desk, a lady with strawberry blonde hair was placing some books on a transport rack.  When she turned around to greet us, we got a huge surprise!  Eve, Josiah's ex-girlfriend was working as a Librarian.  It was a real deer in the headlights moment that we ...  

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