"My Words Have Power"


A Necessary Encounter with Eve

by: Nicole Kim Phillips

Josiah was surprised to see Eve, the one he let get away, working as a Librarian.  Her strawberry blonde hair makes her look young like a Rock Star, thought Josiah.  He did not want to appear to interested, so he said, this is what you are doing these days huh?  Well, I wanted to invest some time in helping young people become more interested in reading.  I participate in the Story Time Program.  And the children get to go on reading adventures which often results in questions or an interest in a new Author.  Sounds interesting Eve; I too have been pondering volunteering, something that would make a difference.  Clarence cleared his throat, in an attempt to get Josiah to either talk about how he's helping him, or to at least let him segue into greeting Eve.

It worked because Eve said, I see you have your right hand with you today.  Yeah, we came to do some research.  Can I help you find something in particular? The Reference Section is where we need to go.  Can you point us in the right direction?  Sure thing, its right near the printers on the left. Clarence sat in his chair and pointed toward the reference section, confirming he knew where to go. Before walking off, Josiah gave Eve a look that made her blush.  What? Eve said, scratching her scalp with her French Manicured index finger.  I'd just like to hear more about what you are doing now,and what you have planned for your future.  Josiah saw Eve's business card in a metal card holder, shaped like an open book, and he took one.  I'll call you said Josiah, before grabbing the chair handles to push Clarence.  He tried to imagine how ... 

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