"My Words Have Power"


A Documentary, Popcorn and Pineapple Surprise

by: Nicole Kim Phillips

Before Shawn logs in to start streaming Bobi Wine: The Peoples President, he grabs a box of Crunch 'N' Munch out of the snack cabinet and pours them into a medium sized popcorn bowl.  When he enters the TV Room, he is holding the bowl with a tray of drinks on top of it. I don't bother to ask, I know it is Pineapple Surprise.  It is my signature drink and what we have 99% of the time with dinner or at leisure.  The Amaretto adds a pleasant flavor to the pineapple juice, the and the alcohol kind of sneaks up on me, as I sip it.  Shawn often says, it is the only way he can get me to relax.  Somehow, I think he is right because not only do I feel more relaxed, but the drink seems to taste better when he pours it.  

Shawn starts the Bobi Wine Documentary and we look on, as there is high action with o
overpopulated streets and lots of chaos.  Within the poor communities Bobi Wine is popular and it is almost hard to believe that 75% of the population is under 35.  With the oppression raging and people trying to fight for their rights, it becomes clear that early death through violence or poor health, is likely the reason people are not living to old age.  Shawn was impressed with how well Bobi Wine could rally people together for support.  There are themes from the documentary I want to use for my speaking engagements he said. Great idea and what will be your approach, I asked. To emphasis why saving makes us more prepared ,during uncertain times. Inflation affects the economy and the number of opportunities that are available.  Pay increases are also unlikely in uncertain times. Job loss is more likely to happen, once the economy is threatened.  For this reason, we all need to make saving a priority and fork away money more often. My audience loves when I give examples of how it can be done.  My own and examples of others who are...   

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