"My Words Have Power"


Shawn Leaves and Curtis Follows Him 

by: Nicole Kim Phillips

I woke up and Shawn's side of the bed was empty, there was no Colombian Coffee aroma tickling my nose and luring me downstairs to the kitchen.  I really did not feel like getting up out of bed, but duty called me and I answered like I had so many times before.  Springing up to meet the day becomes easier, once the habit is formed.  I swung one leg after the other out of bed, planting my feet in front of me, taking a deep breathe.  The curtains were closed which wasn't helpful.  My professional experience in the Medical Field reminded me that light was my friend.  Today, I rose up and drew the curtains back to find the Sun high in the sky.  My spirit felt energized immediately.  My skin needed to feel it shining down on it, to get what it needed for the day. It beamed and I received.  What an exchange it was between two of God's Creations.

There is something about sunlight that does it for me every time there is a situation or incident that has the potential to open the door of gloom, to allow sadness and despondency an opportunity to creep in.  Yes, I had gotten use to the life I lived, being a supportive wife, I will always be open to the compromises needed to make the relationship I have work.  It is not a typical traditional relationship, but one that works for me, what I need.  I am willing to accept it as a healthy one that may be flawed. Still, what I also have to deal with are, the emotions I feel being a woman in love.  As I look into the mirror, these thoughts and more, come to the surface.  Meanwhile, Curtis has been watching Nicole's house from a white Promaster 2500 Cargo Van, and he knows she is home alone.  He watched Shawn leave, and he followed him to the Orlando International Airport.  Curtis wanted to be sure Shawn would not be coming back anytime soon.  To set the tone for him to gain access to Nicole, the day before, he had muscled in on Tracy, pressing him, for as much information as he would provide, and he arranged to take his place for the ...

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