"My Words Have Power"


Innovation, Change and That Brand New 

by: Nicole Kim Phillips

Getting stuck and adhering to doing things the same way hinders innovation from happening in business.  That does not mean fresh ideas are not being thought of or presented by business owners or team members.  It does mean they are not being acted upon and given the green light.  Peter Drucker believes there are actions that get us to some best practices, so that we can implement Entrepreneurial Strategies that nurture success.  Innovation happens, when a decision is made to change something, or implement something brand new.  However, the idea is the seed giving innovation the possibility of life.  The excitement and enthusiasm I felt, after deciding to introduce SCC Deluxe Coasters is something that still makes me proud.  Taking that idea into innovation helped everything feel fresh and new all over again.  The decision to promote SCC Coasters for use on conference calls, personal video calls, and interviews represented innovation for the brand itself.  It was not a new product that came to life, but a new way to promote sales and usage, complimenting the Sip, Chill, Celebrate Wellness Concept.  Limited Edition options are great way to provide new options for customers and encourage repeat business.  That happened once the I'm Donuts About You Coaster were released.  Another example, I released my first commercial seeking to offered consumers an easier way to say I love you.  Not only was the I'm Donuts About You Coaster a limited release, but it also offered consumers a fun way to say I love you.  

Time.com gave a few reasons why professing love for someone may be hard sharing, the status of relationship fall into the ambiguity category and not embracing putting a label on relationship is the way some people are approaching defining status.  In the state of ambiguity, making a more casual statement like I'm Donuts About You and presenting a gift to someone, may not be seen as indicating long or short term commitment.  Whether my Limited Edition Deluxe Coasters are helping someone express their love or helping them to keep relationship status more casual, innovation is vital to businesses and brands.  Determining direction will be difficult in the beginning for any entrepreneur who neglects to write promotional strategy and growth forecast into their Business Plan.  Promotional Strategy should be written into the Business Plan to ensure there is an expectation for something to change or something to be implemented.  Innovation happens either way once action is taken.  Being a visionary means being forward thinking and sometimes help may be needed to push Entrepreneurs in the right direction.  A friend introduced me to SCORE, suggesting I improve my SEO, in order for customers to find my business/brand.  He even recommended I get a SCORE Mentor at some point which will help...  

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