"My Words Have Power"


Curtis Shows Up As An Alerternative

by: Nicole Kim Phillips

Curtis, Women's Magazine is packed with content that supports health, wellness and kindness.  Curtis, bringing my favorite magazine is a thoughtful gesture.  It looks like Tracy is really sorry for not being able to make it huh?  Well, he did tell me you liked reading it, so I picked it up.  My connection to that magazine goes back to the days when I was looking for a way to supplement my income, and somehow I found information in Women's Magazine about delivery opportunities with Postmates and Amazon. Finding that information kept me busy, I earned extra money and it also helped me to help others in my community too.  Interesting, you are a good thinker Nicole.  Helping others and making a contribution is why I volunteer. You walked away with the bingo title and left the Community Center a happy woman.  Yeah, I did Curtis.  Well, I make good fresh brewed tea and I keep some chilled in the refrigerator.  I can fix you a glass, when you are ready to take a break. How does that sound?  Curtis licked his lips and said, it sounds like I do not have to worry about being parched for to long.  If you need anything else, I'll be right inside.  Just tap on the door in the garage.  I have a few things to get done. 

Inside, Nicole felt agitated that Tracy did not call to inform her he'd be sending a replacement, but she believed his absence was unavoidable.  Though, she thought Curtis was thoughtful  and very polite, Nicole was suspicious because his voice was something that haunted her since their first meeting at the Supermarket.  What Nicole did not understand was the extent of Curtis' deception.  Curtis detailed the interior, and stopped for a cool drink before he vacuumed the carpet and floor mats.  He tapped on the door in the garage that opened to the kitchen. Curtis, the tea and some protein bars are inside the Gazebo in the backyard.  You can enter through the side fence.  Enjoy!  The Oak Tree in the yard provided shade and kept things cool.  When Curtis stepped inside the Gazebo, it felt cozy and looked pleasant. The decor and atmosphere was like something you would expect to find, if you went glamping.  What Curtis did not like was drinking alone.  While he was determined to figure out how to get closer to Nicole, he sipped his tea and pulled at the hairs on his chin.  Meanwhile, Shawn was still suspicious about what Nicole was doing while he traveled.  He dialed Mason Fate and informed him that the surveillance on Nicole was to start immediately.  Mason fate was...      

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