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Powdered Peril Review

True Crime Fanatics will liken this Murder Mystery Journey unto The Hulu Original, Only Murders In The Building Series, as two nosey and determined Powdered Peril Characters take on investigative personas to try to uncover a culprit responsible for the unthinkable, murder. The Title immediately drew me in with a connection to an expressive tag line I created to promote a SCC Deluxe Coaster I happen to sell on Abornewords which supports a Wellness Concept I founded last year. I was not surprised that these 2 ladies would try to solve a Murder Mystery because one was driven by love and really under suspicion herself. As they search for answers,the bond the bond, between friends Suzanne and Grace, seems to get stronger.

Their bond reminded me of a Character I am developing in a Short Story I am writing entitled "Hold On To What You Got". Exhausted and eager, is how I felt reading this mystery maze with these two wannabe detectives, fishing for clues and playing second fiddle to Five-O. The highlight on women who dare to take on the role of Leadership in their own business is something I am thankful was included in the book. A U.S News Report showed approximately 31% of top ranking Executives were women so that was certainly something representative of how far the Gen X generation has come. Suzanne, the Donut Shop Owner is sharing her gift of baking with patrons in her community who come in for coffee, conversation and donuts to satisfy their sweet tooths.

Murder She Wrote Fans may yearn to see this book played out in an episode, like I do. A car accident presented the unexpected and set the scene for speculation that friends, Suzanne and Grace, could be in over their heads. Their persistence helped them to stay the course and extend this Donut Mystery right into overtime, making me look forward to the nuturing qualities of Suzanne's Mother who not only knew just what to say but also what to cook. Simple and Elaborate spreads made for some cozy hometown dinner gatherings. The peaks this book took me through, kept me excited and thrilled enough to encourage this read to anyone with a wild imagination and a love for a roller coaster ride of true crime fiction, ending with a revelation of an unexpected culprit. This Murder Mystery took me through episodes of love, jealousy, affairs, and betrayal before shots were fired and a killer was captured. Expect many Peaks and those will help you dismiss the suspense of the valley. A Must Read!


1. Glazed Murder
2. Fatally Frosted
3. Sinister Sprinkles
4. Evil Eclairs
5. Tragic Toppings
6. Killer Crullers
7. Drop Dead Chocolate

**Jessica Beck is a Pen name used by original Author


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