"My Words Have Power"

China Cabinet Decor

by: Nicole Kim Phillips

He was the first young boy to capture my attention, by looking at my outie saying, that's cute, but why does it look like a finger is poking out of your shirt?  Though, we kept in touch periodically, we went our separate ways, pursuing our goals. Today, we are all grown up, but the memories are still there, and they came flooding in, as if they were being guided through the air by a windmill.  Here's what happened.  In the hub of Downtown Melbourne, there is a little store, full of what nots like the ones my mother decorates the top shelf of her China Cabinet with.  Mama always said, the what nots have a way of catching the eye of family and friends who visit our home.  When we had our special talks, Mama said, "the pieces, I put up on the top shelf, are great conversation starters, and I love to share and hear the love, the pain, and the blessings, experienced by family and friends, during the peaks and valley's of life's journey".  One thing is for sure, I never tired of hearing about the alcohol your Great, Great, Great Auntie hid in her suitcase.  It is a funny story she told which included a flask she liked to refill throughout the day while visiting family. 

Anyway, one year my travel scene included a bus, luggage and little baggage tags.  In her old age, I am sure seeing those things sitting on the top shelf, helped her to recall the fond memories, she held dear, of her drinking days.  Something similar happened to me in the store on Wednesday.  I picked up the little Pogo Stick  What Not you see here, and I had to have it!  Immediately, it reminded me of how well Shawn would bounce up and down on the sidewalk, well balanced.  Up and down he'd go, until I stopped counting the hopping.  Then, he would jump off the Pogo Stick, raising his hands in the air saying, I'm Champion of the Pogo Stick!  Finding the Pogo Stick What Not helped me to figure out what my Decor Theme would be this year.  It's Toys of Our Childhood.  Once I paid the clerk, for my special what not picks, I decided I would look in the shed, and ruffle through some boxes your Great Grandmother had filled with what nots.  She had so many boxes; I could not even begin to count them all.  I figured, there would be a few pieces I could add to my theme this year.  As I was going through the revolving door, leaving the store, my heart felt like it dropped and crash landed in the palms of my hands.  I could not believe my eyes, there he was, coming in with a red...

Certain medical conditions may cause an outie belly button

Umbilical hernia

One example is an umbilical hernia, where the abdominal muscles around the belly button don’t grow as they should. The effect creates a weakness in a baby’s abdominal wall, which can cause the intestines to come out through the abdominal wall and push on the belly button.

While the condition isn’t painful to a baby, it can cause complications later in life, so doctors usually surgically repair it.

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