"My Words Have Power"

Managing Finances for Financial Freedom

Tax Season 

Tax season is something Jonah looked forward to every year, until something happened to change his outlook on everything taxation.  He had followed all the rules shared by colleagues and friends, warning him to complete his I-9 Form accurately.  He added the right number of dependents and allowed extra amounts to be taken out every pay period. Like last year and the year before that, his plans were in motion for paying off outstanding debts, buying birthday gifts, getting a new wardrobe, and increasing onhand inventory for his business. Everything was right in the world.  Then, the kids grew up, change happened and here he was staring at the computer screen, wondering if his calculations were somehow wrong. Before completing his taxes, Jonah thought he had everything in his life in order. Knowing he would be paying taxes this year, and not receiving a refund, put a damper on all of his fix it quick plans, which would make financial crooked places, in his life, remain unchanged.  

He didn't rush to press send, and he did not see dollar signs, when he looked at the negative sign in front of the refund amount for taxes due.  He felt cheated out of something, he believed he deserved as an American Citizen. He did not want to see another picture of Uncle Sam in his magician hat, and he was not going to be honking at any Human Signs for Liberty Tax Advertising, as he drove around town.  He believed everyone deserved a piece of his salty attitude.  He planned to tell anyone who would listen, how unfair the tax system is organized for single filers.  The only satisfaction he experienced, was in knowing, the Independent Contractor Work he did, reduced his tax bill. Then, he had a light bulb moment!  Paying a tax bill was something he had never done before, a milestone in his life.  No matter how much he wanted to receive a refund, it was not happening this year.  The stars would still sparkle and the world was not ending.  He had a business to run and bigger fish to fry.  With a new sense of... 

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