"My Words Have Power"

Author To Author

The messy truth may not feel good for readers or audience members who see themselves in characters who are behaving badly.  Yet, there is a place for messy, near and far from the realities we live, and the ones we create for our characters to come alive in.  The lure of messy, causes curiosity to erupt, draws readers in, and motivates them to keep turning the pages.  Besides avoiding The Boredom Mindset, If I am to admonish you of anything, it is,  take measures to fortify against writers block.  Not the kind manifesting a blank page, from your inability to put words to it, but the unfamiliar kind that keeps you grounded on Earth, when you really want to explore Venus.  Create the broken Wagon Wheel that causes you or your characters to miss the Renaissance Ball.  

Do not be afraid to, write about characters that, hold on to promises, forced upon them, by lovers, who only wants to make sex visits, and poses as platonic friends.  Laugh at your characters and with them, to make sure you tell the best stories.  Let the laundry pile up in real life while you create characters who are organized and handy, with mannerisms like Martha Stewart.  Write loud, during those cozy and valium calm moments, and never forget to apologize, when the pinwheel of life makes you forget how to be forever young.  Lest you start making things...

I am an Author of a Children's Book entitled: "Visiting Granny In Mississippi" (Read my Book Summary)