"My Words Have Power"

Purple Cashmere Robe

by: Nicole Kim Phillips

My determination to have a good day was overriding any and everything trying to put a damper on my upbeat attitude.  Acting like today is Tropical Tuesday was my way to escape drama and I really did not care who disapproved! "No more daydreaming" I screamed looking at the ceiling, and I started to focus on me for a change. Starting with the preparation of an apple juice mixture with pineapples and cherries really had me on high. My light is not dimming, no Shawn, my light is not dimming.  The words came out of my mouth involuntarily. I deserved to have this refreshing drink with myself, and I planned to do it wearing my purple cashmere robe. 

After I finished blending the chunks of pineapple, frozen red cherries, and apple juice with ice cubes, I poured in a little extra apple juice to make my drink a bit more slushy. My favorite glass was already on the countertop , so I proceeded to fill my glass. As I poured the tropical mixture, I thought about Shawn, imagining him begging me for forgiveness, and then my phone rang.  The words, you are going to live a long time were on the tip of my tongue, but I dared speak them.  My happiness took, after I heard his voice, I just listened.  My relationship experiences, had prepared me to recognize, when a man was in a tell her what she wants to here mood.  Shawn was definitely in a mood, but I played along hoping for the best.  Can I come over? Do you still have my address? Shawn quickly answered, yes I sure do. I could tell Shawn was sorry, when I heard him say "you wont regret this". I was not high, and I did not regret me my decision. I thought to myself, I am living for me.  I approve.  Anticipating his arrival made me moist, and the throbbing I felt between my legs...

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