"My Words Have Power"

After Tea Before The Visit

by: Nicole Kim Phillips

My spirits were star high once the Tea Party was over.  All the guest thanked me, as they were leaving, confirming they had a good time, expressing an interest in doing this again sometime.  Some guest looked concerned on the way out, and  asked if I was okay.  Not to sure why, but I kept smiling and waving as everyone left.  Overthinking things was something I did often.  I knew I had to work to improve my perspective to change.  It did not take therapy or arguments with my husband Shawn, to remind me to live for today,and let go of things I can not change. Money can't buy happiness, but it can pay Clarence's hospital bill, help him to get some things he needs, during recovery, and soften his attitude toward me.  Shawn did not need to know how Clarence injured himself falling.  I hope the blank check will help him forget his pain. 

The reason I did not want Shawn to know about the fall, had everything to do with me wanting to maintain my good reputation, as a caring and understanding wife.  I did not want to seem unstable or difficult because that's not me at all.  I'm just a woman who is trying to be in love the only way I can be, and want to be. Shawn is someone most people would label as a workaholic.  Me, I look at him as a person who is career driven and ambitious enough to go all the way for what he wants.  It takes a special kind of person to commit to that mentality, and act on it.  As weird as it may sound, it turns me on, making me want him even more.  Shawn married me because he saw something in me that matched what he wanted for himself.  He has learned to deal with me, according to my needs.  I am thankful he is willing to put up with me and the damaged bags I carry in this relationship.  Clarence does business with him and he also comes to check on me when my husband is traveling.  To say I feel bad about the fall, and how Clarence had to be carried out on a stretcher, is an understatement.  Paying Clarence a visit is on my to do list.  Once things...

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