"My Words Have Power"

Visiting Clarence

Clarence lay in his hospital bed with his hospital gown on backward thinking:  It does not seem fair for me to be laid up in this hospital injured while she is sipping tea and socializing , eating fancy treats.  How may I help you Clarence, Nurse Lagniappe asked using a soft tone.  I was told I would be discharged within a few days, but I feel forgotten.  If Doctor Feel Good is making rounds, then my name must be last on the list.  Everytime I ask for an update, you give me the same ole song and dance, "when I know you will know".  Nurse Lagniappe quickly responded, "let's not have this conversation using the call bell.  You sound anxious.  I think it would be a good idea, for me to come to speak with you face to face.  Before long, Nurse Lagniappe was knocking on the door.  

Its open, come on in.  I hope you are feeling well.  I would be a lot more comfortable recovering at home.  You are ready to be discharged huh?  I can understand your eagerness. First, let me explain what needs to happen.  Dr. Patel has to examine your ankle, and your blood pressure needs to flucuate to a normal reading range, before you will be released.  Our goal is to monitor your vital signs and determine, if you are a good candidate for medication.  If the numbers remain elevated, Dr.Patel may prescribe you something. A knock on the door interuppts and I'm thankful because I really did not want to think about managing a high blood pressure condition and being on meds.  As nurse Lagniappe exits, Josiah enters with a ballon reading Get Well Soon or I'll squat in your house!  Well, you can still smile I see, said Josiah.  Have you been up out of bed today?  My cruthers are right over there, but I am in no hurry, to move to fast.  I am kind of irritated and on a wonder.  Nicole has not called or came in to visit me.  That is surprising.  Come on, tell me, did she really push you or did you trip and fall deliberately, on the ...    

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