"My Words Have Power"

Nicole Visits Clarence

by: Nicole Kim Phillips

I am sorry to disappoint you, but I do not have an answer for you Josiah.  I only ask if you fell on purpose because you mentioned how uncomfortable you were with making the trip to the village, right before the Tea Party.  If there was an opportunity to pay her back for interrupting your business model, it would be, when she least expected.  So, do I have to pry it out of you?  Josiah, you sound so gossip thristy right now.  If you must know, I did trip and fall deliberately. I have watched enough Tom Cruise stunts to know, anything is possible, if done right.  Now, I have her in the palm of my hand, since she does not want her husband to believe anything bad about her. Keeping me quiet and satisfied will be her life's mission.  I'm sure she will think twice before sending me on another long journey agian.  Since I was your plus one and you were not able to be there, I made use of talking with guest.  Nicole was not one the wiser, she had no idea I was your friend.  Oh, and you were the talk of the Tea Party. Some attendees thought you were her husband.  Well, I will admit, I love the attention, especially since I am dealing with a medical issue. Still, I never pictured, when I came up from the floor, I would have a broken ankle to face.  

With all this talk and laughter, I could use some snacks.  Is there a waiting room on this floor?  Usually , there are magazines in there and vending machines.  Go and check for yourself, its not like I am going anywhere.  I will be right here, in bed, when you get back, Clarence assured him.  Meanwhile, Nicole thought about what she would and would not say to Clarence, as she was away from here home in Pineda Crossings.  Accusing Clarence of falling on purpose was out of the question.  Nicole turned off the npr radio station, to help clear her mind, before she talked to Clarence.  Then, after she picked up magazines, lemon biscotti's, red grapes, and Green Goodness by Bolthouse Farms, she headed to the hospital.  Before Nicole knocked on the hospital door, she thought, the whole drive was a blur and I'm here, there is no turning back now.  I have to be nice.  With a duffle bag in had, and the things she picked up at the Supermarket pack neatly in a lunchbag, Nicole knocked on the door.  Clarence answers sounding British, and Nicole rolls her eyes.  I came to make sure you were okay.  Can I come in?  What a surprise, I was not expecting you, Clarence lied.  In the duffle bag, there are new t-shirts and briefs, slippers and a robe.  I'll leave everything on the chair.  I can't stay long; I have an appointment.  How are you?  Are you able to walk around yet?  Well, I'm recovering, and I have not gotten out of bed to walk any long distance.  Just to the bathroom and back to bed like a robot.  Thanks for dropping by, I'm feeling a bit tired.  Nicole took the hint and decided to leave.  Before she did, she asked Have you spoken to Shawn?  Clarence responded, is that all you are concerned about?  Please, just... 

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