"My Words Have Power"

Opposing Sides

by: Nicole Kim Phillips

Controversy on topics that affect our health and the way we live can get people talking, and cause them to take actions, affecting quality of life.  Mansplaining is a topic that came up in Stephen Marches' Book entitled: "The Unmade Bed".  Talking about mansplaining can be a bit touchy for those who think men should lead and have the final say, and women should follow.  Ultimately, the term has explored a very basic question.  Do men talk (down) to much!  Is the measuring cup have full or half empty, on the topic of mansplaining, ends up being measured according to perspective and how power is distributed between gender roles.  Debating an issue like, is fish meat does not matter to the person who views the texture of Sheephead, just as meaty as a piece of medium rare beef.  True carnivores likely don't care, as long as something other than veggies  is on the plate.  The debate on whether beef from grass fed animals, taste better than beef from an animal with more variety in its diet, may not be very important to true carnivores. 

Like Kylie Jenner who did more than make a fashion statement, when she wore a lion head fastened to her dress, there are many people who doing things to shift mindsets on things happening in society, affecting controversial topics like, whether or not taxidermy is right or wrong. Taxidermy has stirred up debates just as much as animal testing and medicine.  Peta frowns upon the hunter hobby, trophy finder, using a graphic image calling it "the most disturbing decoration". Though times have changed, perspective, life experiences and upbringing can affect how we view gender roles and responsibiities within relationships.  Mushroom recipes being shown on Social Media do offer nutritional value.  Still, many carnivores, will find reasons to stand on the side of meat on a plate.  Whether a meaty piece of poultry like Sheephead Fish or a juicy piece  of fried chicken, debates concerning what to call some foods will happen.  It is a tomato (to-may-to) tomato (to-mah-to) situation. However, what to call foods, and how we describe them, become less important in the larger scheme of things.  Feeling passionate about a cause, may warrant heated debates, controversial enough for Billy Club/taser action.  Just try to remember, the cautionary flex of opposing opinions, should never mean, someone has to end up, stretched out, on mowed grass.   The way we express ourselves has...    

A new U.S. law has eliminated the requirement that drugs in development must undergo testing in animals before being given to participants in human trials. Animal rights advocates have long pushed for such a move, and some in the pharmaceutical industry have argued that animal testing can be ineffective and expensive.

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