"My Words Have Power"

Baring Snacks 

by: Nicole Kim Phillips

There was a little more pep in my step after the conversation I engaged in with Nicole.  To my surprise, she was easy to talk to, loves all things creative, pursues her interest, and is business minded.  Though I am loyal to Clarence, I am not going to mention the conversation or my new chat buddy.  Standing at Clarence's hospital room door, I said, knock, knock, tapping on the door gently.  Oh, just come in Josiah; you took a while.  Guess who popped in while you were gone?  Who, your mama?  No man, Nicole.  She left that hunch bag ad a mini duffle.  Let's look to see what's in it.  Oh, she bought a robe, slippers, tees and briefs with some magazines.  Why would she bring you all of that?  Sounds like she is feeling guilty or sorry about what happened to you.  Do you feel bad  about purposely falling?  That is not what's important.  I just want out of this hospital bed.

Cheer up.  That will happen sooner than later.  Try to enjoy being taken care of for a change.  You are always checking on Nicole and now the tables have turned so you are on the receiving end for once.  Enjoy it!  Look, I have chocolate, chips, Belvita Bars and a few Monster Drinks.  Pick your poison.  Belvita Bars sounds like the best option.  I'm trying to make better food choices.  let me see whats in this lunch bag she left.  Bolthouse Green Goodness, grapes, and these Lemon Biscotti's.  "I think I will have a bit of everthing", said Clarence.  Suddenly, Josiah felta bit jealous, and the look on his face spoke words his mouth could not utter.  What's with the look? Oh, I'm just in need of some chocolate.  Do you want to try... 

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