"My Words Have Power"

Mexican Corn and Silence

by: Nicole Kim Phillips

Did you say the water was hot?  You also said, you were able to make it comfortable and darling I want you to be comfortable and feel cared for.  Soup bowls of Yakamein are a good choice for dinner.  Will you also be serving Mexican Corn?  I have some leftovers in the refrigerator, I'll heat those up I'll come in to get you, when dinners ready.  In the kitchen, my nerves were getting the best of me.  I did not want to argue, but sometimes what comes up comes out.  Saying the wrong thing to Shawn could not only ruin dinner, but also cause tension between us.  I put the final touches on the food, heated the Mexican Corn and started to set the table.  Though I chose an alternative drink called Pineapple Surprise (pineapple juice, lime juice, and Amaretto) , Red Wine goes best with red meat.  

In the TV Room, I chose my words wisely.  Babe the food ready; the short and sweet communication works best to keep tension at a minimum.  We sat and ate in silence.  After dinner, the mood was more chill since our bellies were full.  Shawn complimented me on dinner, kissed me on my cheek and headed upstairs  and I followed him.  While I brushed my teeth, I kept thinking about the rape.  Shawn always says my issues with intimacy stem from not dealing with feelings associated with the rape, and he thinks I should see a Therapist to help change my mindset.  My legs and feet moved me from the bathroom to the bed, but Shawn was not there.  At least for a minute or two, then he came in with a serving tray with more of the Pineapple Surprise Mixture from dinner.  I'm thinking, I know what he wants to happen.  Anticipating the best outcome, I... 

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