"My Words Have Power"

"Pineapple Surprise and Gaging"

He walked in with a tray looking perfectly handsome.  Shawn was trying to set the chill vibe by introducing drinks so I could relax.  I did not want to be difficult, so I said yes when he asked me.  Besides, I loved drinks before bed.  Let's toast to safe travels.  I made it back home safely.  I'm really glad to be here in this moment, with you.  Cheers.  Feeling blessed, I looked into his eyes, as our glasses clang together.  The drink was served over ice, cool, sweet from the pineapple juice and the Amaretto made it taste perfect as I sipped to savor.

Now don't you feel more released.  Let me top you off, before I freshen up  for bed.  I did feel more relaxed, when Shawn fixed my drinks.  Feeling a buzz coming on, I suspected he added more alcohol, but I still kept sipping.  What I wanted was for this night to end with us sleeping into the morning in the same bed.  I needed to find a way to keep him on my side, even if I did not make love to him.  I thought fast, stuck my finger in my mouth, and gaged!  It  should have been a ...

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