"My Words Have Power"

Shawn's Sympathy With Cuddling

by: Nicole Kim Phillips

Shawn came out of the bathroom to a vomit stained woodgrain floor.  Thank God I had missed the area rug, when I puked my head off, as the Pineapple Surprise came pouring out like poison.  There was even a few noddles, laying in the liquidy mess, I had purposely hurled from my body with the help of an index finger.  My actions were proof of what could be done, once desperation forced an outcome.   "Nicole are you okay" Shawn said with concern in his voice.  Feeling tired, with a bad taste in my mouth, I mumbled I'm fine, I just felt a bit nauseous, then the vomit came pouring out like a waterfall.  I need to rinse my mouth out.  I would also like some Ritz crackers and a few pieces of Star Anise to chew on.  There's some Clove Water Mouthwash in the medicine cabinet.  The Ritz Cheddar Toasted Chips are downstairs, on the rotation tray, sitting on the Breakfast Bar, along with the Star Anise. 

Before Shawn could make it back with my post puke request, I sprang up with quickness, and grabbed some towels, sopping up the vomit from the floor.  I placed the towels inside of the trash bag I pulled from the beige wastebasket.  I realized I had won Shawn's sympathy and I was pleased, but also on a wonder.  It was the look in Shawn's eyes that had me perplexed.  For now, I had pulled off something that would keep the man I loved next to me, and I was going to enjoy the fruit produced from my deceit.  I went into the bathroom, rinsed my mouth using the Clove Water Mouthwash, then rushed back to sit on the bed.  With my post puke request, and a dampened dustmop in hand, Shawn entered the bedroom, surprised I had cleaned up the vomit.  You could have left it there Nicole, you are obviously not feeling well.  Why try to overdue it, just relax and I will take care of this.  My mouth feels so clean, after I use the Clove Water Mouthwash.  Maybe it was not a good idea to give you extra drinks, but this has never happened before.  How have you been feeling lately, Shawn continued.  No need to worry; I have not had any red alerts, affecting my health or activity.  Babe, I feel a lot better since I have eaten a few of these Ritz.  I'm gonna to sanitize my hands and lay down.  Shawn placed the dustmop behind the bathroom door, turned off the lights and came to bed.  Feeling his arm wrap around me, I closed my eyes and said, thank you God.  Nothing could...

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