"My Words Have Power

Nicole Gets Recognized By a Transportation Worker

by: Nicole Kim Phillips

Before I went shopping at the Grocery Store, I decided to stop by my office.  Of course, the Dreadlock Verdict Protesters were pounding the pavement.  There was this big Representation Matters Movement happening, and it was really about having a representation of people who a (black) people could see as a reflection of themselves, believing in what is possible inside of ones skin.  The Dreadlock Verdict attracted cameras, something that attention seekers may crave.  Camera happy is something I am not.  That is the reason I slipped pass Reporters and into my office building unnoticed, when this whole thing started attracting attention and I did the same things today.  All over the news, individuals serving in leadership roles at the Call Center, were directing Reporters to Media Relations at their Corporate Office.  Once I was in my office, I checked my mail and realized how much junk mail can pile up, if it is not sorted immediately.  The storage bin I used for Haystack Method items was also full of mail.  Taking it home was the best option, if I was goiing to ever determine what should be trashed and what I should follow up on.  My office was on the 4th floor, so I would often be riding the elvator with some of the Call Center Leaders going to the 5th floor where business operations took place.  Think computers everywhere and employees wearing headsets at cubiles/desk.  With angry protesters outside, no wonder there was apprehension among the Leadership Team.  Adhereing to company guidelines is something I understood and had to follow coming from Corporate Company Environments, before I started putting in more hours to work my own business.  Usually, it is a violation of company policy to speak with the media.

The Dreadlock Verdict had been getting so much attention, I am sure similar rules are in place to control negative media coverage.  On my way down, with my storage bin in hand, I shared the elevator with a few Leaders from the Call Center.  Talking among themselves, they did not think a hiring decision would be blown out of proportion to a point which ended up getting negative media coverage, featuring protestors with signs and adding controversy to the #representationmatters movement.  I chimed into the conversation saying, truly it is hard to believe that during this Era of Social Media Dominance, something like a hairstyle would prevent someone from getting a job. Employers are asking job applicants to cover tattoos.  Hairstyles are not body decorations.  Style is a part of diversity and inclusion and hairstyles fit in that sector too.  Once I was done speaking, there were a few looks and a guy wearing name badge with Feulles on it, gave me a dirty look, but said nothing to me directly.  Outside, as I made way to my car, a Reporter with a microphone asked  "what do you think of the Dreadlock Verdict"?  I want to be a part of the larger conversations happening that are affecting people in my community.  It is hard to believe, a hairstyle can prevent someone from getting a job.  Style is a part of diversity and inclusion.  Hairstyles fit in with that too.  Have a good day are the words I left Mrs. Grace with, as I stepped carefully to my car wearing my Sazzie Booties Ankle Boots by Baretraps and my Maxi Dress.  I drove directly to the Grocery Store and was almost immediately recognized by a guy wearing a Transportation Badge named Curtis.  Excuse me Ms., aren't you...

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