"My Words Have Power"

Attractive Innocence In Line

The Reporter had filmed me providing my perspective on The Dreadlock Verdict.  Now a Transportation Worker had recognized me in the Supermarket.   I swallowed the drool that started to form in my mouth, when i looked at him.  Smiling I answered , yes I am the woman who does not believe a hairstyle should prevent someone from getting a job.  What a case right?  Yeah, the Dreadlock Verdict has people in the community riled up.  Seeking to make our encounter brief, I said "enjoy your day".    The man I knew only as Curtis, nodded, took out his wallet and gave me his business card.  Thinking back, there was no reason for me to feel ashamed of seeing Curtis, as an attractive man.  I had not done anything wrong and crossing a line was the furthest thing from my mind.  I stood there wishing the Cashier would pick up her pace.

The smile on Curtis' face, as he walked off was beaming and he thought to himself,  my plan to get closer to her is in motion.  She will not be able to resist me.  Curtis went into the men's room and pulled out his phone looking at pictures he had taken of the ...

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