"My Words Have Power"

Clarence May Be On His Way Home

by: Nicole Kim Phillips

Josiah is loyal to Clarence, but he believes his actions will give Clarence and advantage.  In not revealing his new connection to Nicole, he is seeking to not only pick her brain on business matters, but to also determine if she is seeking to harm Clarence in any way because of his business relationship with her husband Shawn.

At the hospital, Nurse Laginappe checks Clarence's Vital Signs.  Your blood pressure is still a bit elevated, I'll inform the Doctor and before you are discharged, I will review any prescriptions issued to you, along with the Doctor's orders.  Once you have a BM (bowel movement), please alert me using the call button.  Then, I will begin to process the documents for your discharge.  The relief on Clarence's face was all Josiah needed to see.  Josiah responded.  You are finally on your way back home where you can finish...

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