"My Words Have Power"

Perspective About Rejection

by: Nicole Kim Phillips

At this point I have really been rejected more times than I care to even count.  The tally of occurrences is insignificant.  What matters is the perspective I formed as a result.  A job, a relationship, a friendship or status of some sort are all instances where rejection can sun lamp, showing its hideous face, impeding my life and current events of everything I believe to be important or real.  Still, what I think of myself and those involved can be the very thing that helps me to , move on to new experiences and adventures in life.  Wondering what perspective I formed and how I am able to toughen my skin, when negative outcomes are unavoidable?  I started looking at Politicians and their jacket of public service and even the positions some held, using the idea of what serving in office represents, as a reflection against my own resume and experiences.  Keep in mind, many positions in public service are term capped and really temporary.  Maybe a scandal occurred, a marriage was challenged or there was transition happening which required someone to move forward into something new.  Whatever has to be done for purpose of career or service in public office or in life, does not change previous work or accomplishments that provided value, offering something to people and contributing to society.

Sure Politicians may have the power of the media with interviews and news reports behind them, but so do I thanks to Social Media and the many resources and tools which allow me to talk, share, and showcase my talent and skills.  I can share my experience and allow my reputation to shine or at least come to light.  It's the reason every so often you will see my Press Kit floating along through my social shares.  A recap of some of the things I have done goes a long way, and adds to my reputation.  I also include this information on my resume, so potential employers can get a glimpse into who I am as a person; showing off my individuality.  In an interview, Condolezza Rice talked about the misconception many have about wanting to go to war, asking who wants to go to war?  Everytime I experience rejection, I feel like I have to go to war to protect my reputation.  I do not mind either.  I am armed with  my accomplishments, and the creative body of work I have means so much to me. Finding value in my work has helped me to not only avoid the Boredom Mindset, but seeing value, articulating it, or sharing it, makes it real and not counterfeit like fake money.  Sharing my work experience, as I have done using The Seek, Find, Share Audiovisual Podcast Episodes, where none are short of examples in performance and story, goes a long way in adding to what my life's work means to me and can mean to new employees, seasoned employees, or those serving in leadership.  Like the border between Finland and Russia, there are many things that divide us personally and professionally, and its okay to choose the connections that feel right like a good fit.  Yet, our differences can also help us to offer a unique perspective that can bring us closer, when improving relations between people and races is the goal.  When I shot marbles with my Brothers, I did not like losing my marbles, when we played for keeps.  Losing was not what was important to me.  It was being in the game and trying, showing what I had to offer.  Once the circle was drawn in the dirt, I was all in, win or lose. When I put myself out there for a job, relationship, friendship or something else, the Good Year Blimp may read rejection. What I know is, I am still all in and what I have to offer is valuable and something to...    

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