"My Words Have Power"

Shawn's Arrangements With Mason Fate 

by: Nicole Kim Phillips

The conversation with Tracy continues and Nicole confirms the importance of vacationing and saving saying, "Making time for vacation can be difficult, when you are juggling work and home responsibilities, but it is something that must be done.  Rest and relaxation is important and so is planning for the future.  It's great that you are building a portfolio.  "Which soda did you want"?  Wait don't tell me;  I remember, you like Cherry Coke.  You have to get with technology Nicole.  Instead of using change, use the tap feature on your plastic, and stop carrying cash.  Let me make this easy for you.  Tracy tapped his card on the funny looking credit card apparatus, attached to the soda machine, and pressed the button for the cherry coke option.  Then, he gave me the coke and my donut.  I thank you Tracy and so does my sweet tooth.  I am just so old school, when it comes to adopting new technology.  Using a card never crossed my mind.   We are living in a fast and convenient world, and I have to get on board with modern technology I said, before reminding Tracy it was about time for him to detail my car again.   Just hold off on coming over because my husbands home.  I totally understand said Tracy.  Take care of yourself and enjoy that soda with your donut.  He smiled,  as he walked toward Curtis.

I walked out to head home while Curtis and Tracy were talking.  Did you get a chance to mention anything about me?  Tracy looked puzzled and irritated by the question.  Look this just seems like a pissing contest I do not want to be a part of.  First you send the Director Kelis on an all expense paid trip to Africa, so you can call the Bingo Game.  Then you promise me I will get a bonus, if I show up late for the Bingo Game today.  Nicole has been a loyal customer to me since we met in the parking lot outside while I was detailing a car.  We get along well and I don't want to be involved in anything that will result in her being hurt.  You are aware she is married right?  My reasons for wanting to get closer to Nicole have nothing to do with you.  Leave everything that has to do with that woman to me.  I got this Curtis said with confidence.  If you want to keep working and making extra money delivering, you will keep everything you know about this situation, hush, hush.  At home Shawn was finally able to reach Mason Fate, the Private Investigator.  Shawn started the conversation with a compliment to break the ice.  He felt a bit uncomfortable about his suspicions, but also justified.  Fate, what I need you to do for this job is more personal in nature.  Shawn cleared his throat.  I need you to surveil my wife and report all of her activities to me.  Is this a job you believe you can squeeze in your busy schedule?  Yeah, Mason Fate responded quickly.  I'm up for some, now you see me, now you don't.  The job won't start until I leave town again, Shawn assured him.  I'll give you a call soon to finalize the arrangements. Sure thing, said Mason before hanging up the phone.  Shawn thought to himself, I'm taking things to far, but I'm sure she is hiding something. I intend to get... 

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