"My Words Have Power"

Gatekeepers May Upset Someone With a Growth Mindset

by: Nicole Kim Phillips

Many choices we make are based on life and career goals, but thes will also include or be marked by our interest, in some way.  The journey to advance while making choices that affect the way we live and work may require learning new skills, making adjustments, or changing habits.  What we do as we form our life and career may encompass all of the fore mentioned.  Regarding advancement, what I learned over the years is, where I intend to go, may not be where I end up.  Having a positive outlook when detours happen can go a long way, as life happens.  The merry-go-round keeps spinning as relationships, ups and downs and unplanned surprises take us through quite a few storms and celebrations. The celebrations are something we all can get use to and usually are something to look forward to.  Like celebrating, storms happen, affecting our lives.  Rather than, sulking in my sorrows when something does not work out, I move on or find a way to reshape my reality to benefit me.  For instance, when I was dismissed from the Nursing Program at Sidney N. Collier because of mishandled paperwork related to my Financial Aid, I moved on to re-enroll at UNO in pursuit of a Bachelors Degree.  With my Nursing Assistant Certificate and my Assoicate In Arts Degree as markers of completion, success and celebration, there was no need to dwell on an unrealized LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) Diploma from Sidney N. Collier.  Yeah, I  wanted to tear up when I was told there was nothing the President could do to keep me in my Nursing Courses, but I composed myself and left campus in a daze.  As a result of Hurricane Katrina, I did shed a few tears, after my life was disrupted even more, but I also made some life and career decisions, causing me to drive back to the stability of my Florida Lifestyle. Celebrating with a flask of Amaretto and pineapple juice, at my decision to accept a full-time role at Walgreens was sweet.  The opportunity also resulted in me making history, as the first African American Woman to be promoted from a role as a Clerk to Beauty Advisor and it made all the difference in my future.  In the 7.2 years I served at Walgreens, I formed a love for products and founded Abornewords and started participating in the larger conversations happening in the digital space using Blogging as a communication method, staying engaged and connected to what ws trending in my career field in beauty, fashion, and healthcare.  

When I wanted to move into management, the Gatekeepers did not believe I was ready, and advancing in my field was postponed.  Delays happened that were out of my control.  Still, I reminded myself to, do something I have shared as a part of the SCC Mindset Idea, trust the process.  Trusting the process means recognizing that patience is just as necessary as water.  Often than not, my needs and responsibilities become more defined and pressing, challenging me to stay the course.  All I can do is try, and tell myself I will not let the Gatekeepers, who refuse to answer when I am seeking,affect me. Do I get frustrated by the unavoidable adjustments I have to make?  Yes, and then I say, I'm putting all negative thoughts in the doghouse!  Even though, I may not arrive where I am seeking to go, I stay positive and  feel good about putting the Gatekeepers in the doghouse in my mind and in my stories.  No matter how your career and life is going, ask yourself this: what do I  value about my work and my life?  Knowing your career values and life values will tell you a lot about who you are as a person.  Then, you can effectively go knocking, waiting for the  Gatekeepers to let you in or making a way for yourself in business. Again, I will remind you to trust the process and be prepared to celebrate when...

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