"My Words Have Power"

Clarence Gets A Big Idea and Josiah Reflects

by: Nicole Kim Phillips

Josiah drove Clarence home from the hospital, after he was discharged.  Clarence felt determined to get back to normal.  He told Josiah, being hospitalized had given him time to be more creatively inspired.  Clarence did not say, get out and let me recover, but his question to Josiah was kind of leading in that direction.  Clarence asked, will you be able to come by later this afternoon to help me gather resources for my next big idea?  Before answering, Josiah wondered what Clarence was planning, but he did not want pry too much or appear to eager.  He did not want his friend to shut him out again like he had done when he had the idea for a bicycle umbrella.  It is my pleasure to help with whatever you need.  Your motivation is intoxicating.  What I will do is, cal before I'm on the way.  That will give you time to get ready and we can leave soon after I arrive.  How does that sound? That sounds perfect.  After Josiah left, Clarence setthe alarm system in his Condo and pushed himself over to the Computer Station, so he could search for a Physical Therapist.  He shoved the computer chair aside and rolled himself up to the computer in his wheelchair.  The cushion in the wheelchair made it feel a lot more comfortable.  That thought would help him to expand the target market for his new idea. Clarence thought to himself, no matter what I do; I'm going to be successful because its coming from a good place.  

Josiah drove up to his home and the first thing he noticed was, the mailbox overflowing.  He had not checked it in a few days, so the influx of maid did not surprise him.  Immediately, he knew, the first order of business would be to thumb through mail piles, separate it in the order of importance, and then follow up on things that needed to be handled.  Josiah opened his truck, grabbed a reusable grocery tote, walked over to his mailbox, then he started pulling mail out, dropping it into the tote, until the mailbox was empty.  One letter from the IRS stood out, so he knew it would be one of the first he read. Once he was inside, he flopped on the red velvety couch in the living room.  Knowing he had the house to himself, brought him back to his college years, when he went out clubbing or was attending some wild party in a posh neighborhood.  Then, he started to think of how quickly things went wrong in his last relationship with Eve.  It was likely out of habit that he called Eve, Ginger. Not because he was not over her but they had been high school sweethearts and ended up living together. Living together opened Josiah's eyes and he realized Ginger was not the marrying type.  Not only was she against giving up clubbing but her values were to open and free for him and monogamy was something she could not abide by so the relationship ended abruptly.  Eve ended up being the rebound fling; a position no woman serious about a man wants to be in.  Whatever the case, the name mixup mistake happened one to many times for Eve and she was over it.  Sitting there on the couch, Josiah missed being in a relationship, but he was pleased to be healing and keeping himself occupied.  His upholstery work was something that connected him to Ginger because she was into Interior Design and they worked well together.  Working with Ginger is something he missed, but after they made a mutual decision to split, he could not stand to be around her anymore.  He decided he would focus on his Upholstery Business and helping others through volunteer work.  For now, Clarence was a start in the right direction.  He did not know exactly what or where...

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