"My Words Have Power"


Shawn and Nicole Express Themselves 

by: Nicole Kim Phillips

Don't walk away from me!  Look at me, Shawn said. With you acting like this, I can tell you exactly how I feel.  I feel like you are tying to punish me for not being here as much as you'd like me to.  It's like you are blaming me for the rape, something I did not have the power to control.  Because you don't realize how important my work and travel are or you just don't care, you do things that affect me, to make yourself feel better, and that can lead to toxic outcomes Nicole.  

Wait a minute Shawn, I am trying my best to be here for you, to show support, to be understanding, to be the example, for the people who are facing many of the same challenges, that are really normal human reactions, to stimulating life circumstances.  That should count for something!  All I can ask you to do is trust me, and try to love me, as I  try to keep the pieces of my life, that are still intact together, and attempt to manage the pieces that are out of order, affecting our relationship.  Think of me as an imperfect person who loves you, but sometimes does some fucked up shit!  One that is standing, in suport of you.  Then, when I misstep and you become aware of it, or you can't understand it, give me a pass, and consider how I'm affected.  Remember, I have needs too.  That's all I'm asking Shawn.  Can I at least get you, to say you will try?  I promise to find a Psychologist to talk too.  Come on babe.  Are we in this together or what?  I can't do... 

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