"My Words Have Power"


Clarence Gets Ready and Waits for Josiah 

by: Nicole Kim Phillips

Clarence had a list of his top 5 picks for Physical Therapy.  He had decided he would use a Physical Therapist, until he was fully recovered.  Though he had not made a final decision on a PT, he understood working with a professional was a priority.  Clarence left the list on the desk, and got moving to freshen up and get dressed before Josiah arrived.  Clarence wanted to assure Josiah he was capable of managing himself.  He was not going to let his ankle injury interfere with his independence.  With determination, he pushed himself into his bedroom and locked his wheelchair in the walk-in closet.  His fashion choices of the hour?  A blue oxford short sleeve shirt and some casual cargo shorts with blue loafer(s).  Clarence covered his foot with a cast and wound protector before getting into the shower.  He made sure to use the shower wand to control how much water poured over him.  Once Clarence was out of the shower, he dried off, brushed his curly hair, and then teased it with a combed.  Rolling himself over to the bed where his clothing lay, he started feeling tired.  Taking a deep breath, he continued and finished dressing himself.  Once he had dressed himself, reaity hit, when he looked down at his feet and saw the cast. 

He would only be wearing one loafer.  Still, Clarence followed his regular routine of placing a fresh shoe insert into his left loafer since he rarely wore socks. He use shoe inserts to keep his insoles fresh.  His eagerness and determination made him want to get out of the wheelchair to walk.  Except, he was not going to violate the Doctor's Orders, recommending he wait a few more days, before attempting to walk regularly using his walker. Once he slipped his foot into the left loafer, he awaited Josiah's arrival.  Clarence was excited and he was sure his new idea was something Josiah could help him organize and follow through on, to get the business operating from the inside out.  Thinking about his new idea, cloud nine is where he currently resided and nothing was...

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